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Roger Morton photographed the London music scene of the late sixties and seventies. He was the photographer at the Roundhouse when it was a cornerstone of adventurous theatre and new music. It was a natural progression to become the photographer at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. At that time, under the guidance of Director Bill McAlister, the ICA led the way in the arts, including theatre, music, fine art and emerging video.  Roger also worked at the Riverside Studios, during Peter Gill’s stewardship. With a permanent pass to Dingwalls Dancehall, granted by the owners John Armit and Tony McIntosh, Roger photographed all the top bands there.  Roger was a regular contributor to Time Out magazine. Roger worked with  several theatre companies, The London Theatre Group (Steven Berkoff), Shared Experience (Mike Alfreds), Commonstock (Frank Whitten), and several others on occasion. Roger was Steven Berkoff’s theatre photographer for 14 years and photographed The Trial, Agamemnon, The Fall of the House of Ussher, Metamorphosis, East, Greek, Decadence, Hamlet and several of his one-man shows.  Roger later worked for BBC TV as a stills photographer covering a wide variety of programmes, mostly drama, both in the studios at the BBC Television Centre, White City and on location around the UK and Europe.  He later became a theatre director in New Zealand winning Best Director in 1997.

Exhibitions. Roger has had solo exhibitions at Le Galerie des Arts de Verteillac, Dieppe Scene National, The QI Club, Oxford, HMS President on the Thames, Victoria Embankment EC4 London, Proud Galleries, WC2, London press, Red Propeller Gallery, Kingsbridge, Devon. Roger showed with Sir Peter Blake at the Royal Automobile Club, Piccadilly, London. More exhibitions have been at the Commonwealth Club and the Audio Lounge in London and three at Chateau Tinteillac in South West France.

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  1. He was the MAN to go to for the acute shoot @ any event, and a happy spirit with it.!!!

  2. Dear Mr Morton I am sorry to delay a reply how much would a Christopher lee photo cost i am looking for A4 size please reply by email mschumacher1956@gmail.com thank you.

  3. Hello Squire..Long time no see..Love to reconnect..email me if u concur. Ian Watkin.

  4. Dear Roger Morton, I am trying to obtain a print of a brilliant photograph you took, circa 1971 or 2 at the Roundhouse, a performance by Japanese Butoh dancer Mitsutaka Ishii. The photo shows me playing electric guitar with a dancer wearing silver fabric. It was published in Studio International, Nov/Dec 1976. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated, best wishes, David Toop.

  5. Yes David I will have that image. i have been away traveling so I apologise for the delay. I will have to scan the negs, which will take some time.

  6. Dear Mr. Morton,

    I am in my final year of studying Drama Performance at The Conservatory of Music and Drama in the Dublin Institute of Technology. I am great admirer of the work of Steven Berkoff and am currently writing my undergraduate thesis under the working title “Steven Berkoff; from page to stage”.

    I intend to cover in particular the intensity of the visceral nature of movement and text in his work as an actor and playwright, the influence and connection between Berkoff and Shakespeare, and the extent of his influence on British theatre. specifically in regards to two of his plays, ‘Metamorphosis ‘ and ‘Decadence’.

    The reason I am writing to you in this regard is in the hope that I may be able to use certain photographs of these Berkoff performances from the Methuen Drama publication of the book ‘The Theatre of Steven Berkoff’ in my thesis on Steven Berkoff. I was hoping to use your photographs of ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Decadence’ and ‘Hamlet’.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Eoin O’Flaherty

    Eoin O'Flaherty
  7. Dear David, I have looked and found 3 sheets of negs. I can’t see images of a guitar player. Sorry, but if more turn up I will contact you. Roger

  8. Hello Roger. I came across your name in a magazine article on Gary Glitter. Do you happen to have any of your negatives/photos from that early gig of his you photographed?

    Claire Shephard
  9. Yes Claire, I have many of Gary in the beginning of his career. In what magazine did you see the photographs?

  10. Hi Roger
    We used to work together back in the early 70s; I was a pop magazine feature writer and I believe we went to Almeria together to cover a film starring Yul Brunner and Leonard Nimoy. It was lovely to view some of the amazing work you have done here. I am still in touch with several of the old team on the magazine. Are you on Facebook or other media? All best, Judith

  11. Hi Judith,
    Yes I remember it well. Jos and I have just yesterday come back from Spain, Javea, near Alicante and Barcelona, on our friend’s boat. We now live in France. I will send out FB contacts by email. Roger

  12. Hi Roger,

    I am part of a team producing a BBC history series and wanted to get in touch with you regarding a photograph you took of Jane Fonda, which was used on the cover of Spare Rib magazine in 1973. Do you have a phone number I could contact you on?

    My e-mail address is elin.jones@walltowall.co.uk

    Many thanks,


  13. Hi Roger,

    We are looking for photos from the “Time Out” photoshoot you did on the set of Company of Wolves, which was their cover story in 1984. Please shoot me an email or call our office number on +44207 323 4060.

    Many thanks!

  14. Hi Roger

    In 1970 you photographed Susan George and her boyfriend ‘Ben’ for the cover of Fabulous 208. Can you remember Ben’s surname, and if he was an actor?
    Thanks in advance. X

  15. Hello Rodger. One of your prints hangs proudly on my wall, Muddy Waters at Dingwalls circa 78′. It was left in the Dingwalls office when it closed down in 89′ for refurbisment. So, I grabbed it. I know Fredrika as an old friend too.
    Mike Zihni…

  16. Roger,
    The British Library is celebrating Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy next weekend in London with a QandA session as well as a reading of one of the radio series directed by Daisy Campbell. I’m joining the event and remember you photographed the original show at the ICA May 1979. Do you have any photos we could share for fans? Jon Fawcett at BL is organising it with Daisy. Jon.Fawcett@bl.uk. I have one of Chris and I but would love to be able to back up the chatter with some more stills.
    Best Richard

  17. re: Hitchhikers… Dear Richard, Nice to hear from you. That was a memorable event from the crazy Ken Campbell. (nice crazy, not the other kind) Has the British Library got a budget for photos? I would be able to get photographs to you by FTP, but I would need a fee. As you may have noticed, I am in France. Yours, Roger

    Roger Morton Photographer http://www.rogermortonphotographer.com 0033 553 91 37 79

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  21. Hi Mr Morton I’m currently studying Steven Berkoff and I would love to understand what it was like to work with him. I would really love to understand his opinion further on younger artists.
    Thanks so much

    Kendra McCauley
  22. Hi Mr Morton,
    Thank you so much for getting back to me, I’m currently studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts sixth form college. I’m studying Musical Theatre and Berkoff is my chosen practitioner. I would love to know what it’s like to work with Steven Berkoff and if you knew what his views were on young actors in the business.

    Kendra McCauley

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