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East. by Steven Berkoff. Rough action drama from the Cockney East End of London.   1 comment


Steven Berkoff: Agamemnon at the Greenwich Theatre.   Leave a comment

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Steven had had another birthday in August. He is still working, with all his usual energy. A great talent on stage and on the page. Here are a couple of images from different productions of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” that I worked on. Both were at the Mermaid Theatre in London.Metamorphosis 1metamorphosis cast

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Scene from "The Fall of the House of Ussher"



Steven Berkoff and Linda Marlowe in "Hamlet"



Steven Berkoff in "Metamorphosis" at the Mermaid Theatre


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Steven Berkoff portrait. 1980

Steven Berkoff in "Decadence" at the New End Theatre