When Kenny Everett was sacked from Radio One for saying bum, or something, Noel Edmonds got his job. I photographed him and his girlfriend in Regent’s Park. He did not have many nice clothes at the time, so I lent him my fur coat.

Noel Edmonds

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Steven had had another birthday in August. He is still working, with all his usual energy. A great talent on stage and on the page. Here are a couple of images from different productions of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” that I worked on. Both were at the Mermaid Theatre in London.Metamorphosis 1metamorphosis cast

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George Best on holiday in Majorca

George Best on holiday in Majorca

When Jos was picture editor on FAB 208, I got some interesting jobs. As they turn up I will post them.

Best MajorcaGeorge Best on holiday in Majorca. I spent some days getting pics for the magazine. George had a column on Fab 208 and I had to get pictures that were used with it.

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Black Sabbath the Heavy Metal Pioneers when they were youg.

Black Sabbath the Heavy Metal Pioneers when they were young. Bill Ward, Drums

Black Sabbath005

Black Sabbath when they were young. Ozzie Osbourne, Lead Singer

Black Sabbath004

Black Sabbath when they were young. Geezer Butler, Bass Guitar

Black Sabbath006

Black Sabbath when they were young. Tony Iomi, Lead Guitar.

Black Sabbath008

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Christopher Lee CU sendChristopher Lee 2 sendChristopher Lee drac sendI had this photo session with Christopher Lee in 1969 when he WAS Dracula. I found him polite but formal. A very nice man. His career was extraordinary. From Dracula in the Hammer Horror films, and others, he moved to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series, playing Saruman. He will be missed.

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Jim Dandy and his band toured 300 days of the year. Had their own travelling hotel/bus, and were a really charming bunch of guys. I  had the pleasure of their company for a tour of the UK a long time ago. (now)BOA 036 BOA 057

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BB KingBB King008

BB King the great blues guitarist and singer in London at the Rainbow Theatre