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Lemmie on bass at two iconic London venues, The Marquee and Dingwalls Dancehall.

Motorhead Marquee017 Motorhead Dingwalls006


Sir George Martin.   Leave a comment

At his Air London recording studio.

George Martin conducting the London Symphony Orchestra for the Mahavishnu Orchestra of John McLaughlin

George Martin conducting the London Symphony Orchestra for the Mahavishnu Orchestra of John McLaughlin. And below; in the control room with John McLaughlin.George Martin J McLauchlan send

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List of Photographs


Christopher Lee
Roger Moore
Charlotte Rampling
Elisabeth Taylor
Joan Collins
Charles Dance
Steven Berkoff
Bob Hoskins
Leonard Nimoy
Richard Burton
Frank Whitten
Richard O’Brien
Derek Jarman
Jerome Savary
Anthony Sher
Andy Warhol
George Best
Tim Roth
Jack Thompson
Brad Davis
Charlton Heston
Steven Rea
Ewan Solon
Hugh Frazer
Richard Le Parmentier
Cheryl Campbell
Maryam D’Abo
Sharon Maughan
Trevor Eve
Patti Love
Lisa Harrow
Christine Noonan
Alfred Lynch
Sarah Douglas
Esther Freud
Lyn Dearth
Michael Culver

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Susan George FabWhat a lovely person was Susan George. I photographed her with her boyfriend, for a “loving cover” of Fab.


When Kenny Everett was sacked from Radio One for saying bum, or something, Noel Edmonds got his job. I photographed him and his girlfriend in Regent’s Park. He did not have many nice clothes at the time, so I lent him my fur coat.

Noel Edmonds

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Steven had had another birthday in August. He is still working, with all his usual energy. A great talent on stage and on the page. Here are a couple of images from different productions of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” that I worked on. Both were at the Mermaid Theatre in London.Metamorphosis 1metamorphosis cast

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George Best on holiday in Majorca

George Best on holiday in Majorca

When Jos was picture editor on FAB 208, I got some interesting jobs. As they turn up I will post them.

Best MajorcaGeorge Best on holiday in Majorca. I spent some days getting pics for the magazine. George had a column on Fab 208 and I had to get pictures that were used with it.