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East. by Steven Berkoff. Rough action drama from the Cockney East End of London.   1 comment


Steven Berkoff: Agamemnon at the Greenwich Theatre.   Leave a comment

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List of Photographs


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SUSAN GEORGE IN Fab 208   Leave a comment

Susan George FabWhat a lovely person was Susan George. I photographed her with her boyfriend, for a “loving cover” of Fab.

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Steven had had another birthday in August. He is still working, with all his usual energy. A great talent on stage and on the page. Here are a couple of images from different productions of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” that I worked on. Both were at the Mermaid Theatre in London.Metamorphosis 1metamorphosis cast

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Steven Berkoff in his office with one of his East End photographs

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Scene from "The Fall of the House of Ussher"



Steven Berkoff and Linda Marlowe in "Hamlet"



Steven Berkoff in "Metamorphosis" at the Mermaid Theatre


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Steven Poliakoff at the time of his play "American Days" at the ICA in London

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Steven Berkoff portrait. 1980

Steven Berkoff in "Decadence" at the New End Theatre


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Richard Burton, Welsh actor nominated for an Oscar many times but never won, had great charisma, and was dedicated to acting. Real life was so dull he took to drinking  “to burn up the flatness, the stale, empty, dull deadness that one feels when one goes offstage.”

Richard Burton reading on stage for the Welsh night at the Prince of Wales Theatre. His last public appearance.

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Bob Hoskins in Guys and Dolls (for Time Out Cover)

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Bob Hoskins at the pub

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Anthony Sher at the Almeida Theatre

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