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When Kenny Everett was sacked from Radio One for saying bum, or something, Noel Edmonds got his job. I photographed him and his girlfriend in Regent’s Park. He did not have many nice clothes at the time, so I lent him my fur coat.

Noel Edmonds

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George Best on holiday in Majorca

George Best on holiday in Majorca

When Jos was picture editor on FAB 208, I got some interesting jobs. As they turn up I will post them.

Best MajorcaGeorge Best on holiday in Majorca. I spent some days getting pics for the magazine. George had a column on Fab 208 and I had to get pictures that were used with it.

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Fully functioning engineering works on the space between the pavement and the sea wall.

She collects wood and cuts it up for kindling.

Junks gathered with flags at the island where the festival is held

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Hong Kong during the Chinese Cultural Revolution   Leave a comment

Boy on Sampan in Mongkok typhoon shelter

Family at the Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming Festival

Cow being transhipped from a vessel from Bangkok

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